Sam Herschel Wein

Sam Herschel Wein

is a Chicago based poet who specializes in perpetual frolicking. His first chapbook, Fruit Mansion (Split Lip Press, 2017) was selected as the winner of the 2016 Turnbuckle Chapbook prize. His second chapbook, Gesundheit! a collaboration with Chen Chen, is forthcoming from Glass Poetry Press in fall 2019. He co-founded and edits Underblong Journal. Recent poems can be found in Hobart PulpConnotation Press, and Bat City Review, among others. He can be found in the cheese aisle of most stores, in the middle of a hug, or editing poems at your local coffee shop.

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Fruit Mansion is out!!!

Hello friends! My first chapbook, Fruit Mansion (Split Lip Press, 2017), is out now! It can be bought online at the link below. If you want to order some to your bookstore, email me! Hugs & love & fruit forever!!


Want to reach out for collaboration, bookings, or to share in general merriment? Email Sam today at